Nips and tucks without the knives: These 5 popular cosmetic surgery procedures can now be carried out without causing wounds or blood loss

  • Surgeons can perform cosmetic surgery without causing any wounds or stitches
  • Here, MailOnline reveals five popular procedures that have been revolutionised
  • They revolve around labiaplasties, breast lifts, eyelid surgery and liposuction 

Customary corrective surgery has constantly spun around going under the blade with a specific end goal to look for greater bosoms, a more-adjusted base or liposuction. 

Be that as it may, new innovation is altering the way well known corrective methodology, given to several thousands in the UK, are performed. 

Specialists are currently in a position where they can perform labiaplasties, bosom lifts and eyelid surgery without causing any injuries, blood or fastens. 

Here, MailOnline uncovers how five of the most prevalent restorative methodology have been changed through development and advances in science. 


There is almost certainly that liposuction works, especially for those hereditarily arranged to having adamant pockets of fat. 

Yet, it is a noteworthy task, with all the chaperon dangers, and being a long way from torment free. 

Presently there's another way. 

Radiofrequency medications are overwhelming the feel business as they're putting forth a totally torment free option for fat diminishment. 

Radiofrequency medicines, for example, VanquishME from BTL Esthetics work by producing radiofrequencies to send focused on warm under the skin's surface and executing fat cells profound inside. 

At that point, once the fat cells are annihilated and disposed of from the body, they're gone perpetually – implying that the outcomes are lasting. 


In a survey of 1,000 individuals by Fusion GT, almost 90 for every penny of them said that hanging eye-tops irritated them. 

In that same review, seventy five percent said that they would have eye-cover surgery if there was a non-obtrusive option out there. 

All things considered, there now is. 

Another, non-obtrusive treatment guarantees to offer an indistinguishable outcomes from surgery without ladies going experience blepharoplasty surgery which is performed under general anesthesia. 

The FELC nano-plasma creates nano plasma between the needle's tip and the patient's skin – intending to sublimate (transform the strong skin into a gas by bypassing the fluid stage) the shallow layer of skin and cause a contracting of the abundance skin tissue. 

This strategy has numerous favorable circumstances over restorative surgery, which makes it an inexorably prominent treatment technique. 

There is no cutting of the skin, which implies that there are no lines required, and the vast majority can come back to work that day. It is significantly faster than surgery, as no injectable analgesic is required. 

Dr Ian Strawford, proprietor of Skin Excellence Clinics, told MailOnline: 'Overabundance skin of the eyelids is a standout amongst the most widely recognized concerns communicated to me by patients beyond 50 years old in the two men and ladies. 

'Numerous patients don't know about non-surgical medicines, for example, FELC nano-plasma can be as viable as surgery. 

'FELC nano-plasma is attempted utilizing just neighborhood sedative creams without the requirement for any cutting of the skin of the eyelids and without the dangers that surgery can prompt. 

'FELC nano-plasma has numerous preferences over surgery, basically that without cutting the skin the methodology is substantially more secure with no danger of the difficulties of surgery which incorporate visual deficiency, eyelid brokenness and unattractive scars. 

'This creative and basic treatment offers a non-surgical answer for drooping eyelids.' 


Bum inserts are silicone inserts which are embedded into a 'pocket' made by a prepared specialist who cuts an entry point into their customer's bum. 

The inserts are firmer than those utilized amid boob occupations, and the operation costs amongst £4,000 and £6,600. 

A few people get bum inserts following weight pick up, weight reduction or pregnancy - which can influence the base's flexibility or make the cheeks hang. 

The task is done under general analgesic, and takes around two hours. 

After the task, the butt cheek territory will be swollen and marginally wounded and can be agonizing. Strolling and sitting can be troublesome. 

You should take a couple of days to rest and ought not put any strain on the butt cheek territory for a month and a half after the strategy. 

You should sit upright with a straight back and wear bolster pants for up to a month and a half. At first you may have the capacity to mull over your side or front. 

The butt cheek will feel tight until the point that the skin gets used to the new shape and size. 

Notwithstanding, if a patient isn't enthused about having their base cut open, there's currently a non-obtrusive alternative. 

Exilis Ultra is a non-surgical treatment that guarantees to lift and tone the base for a smoother, conditioned appearance. 

The Exilis Ultra utilizations ultrasound vitality to make a compression in the collagen strands, making the body quickly replicate essentially more collagen for a more tightly, smoother look and feel to the skin. 

The warmth that enters through the fat tissue can contract fat cells keeping in mind the end goal to shape and thin the body's outline. 

Through the span of medications, the skin fixes and the general thickness of the fat layer diminishes, prompting inconceivable outcomes. 

The Exilis gadget additionally contains a cooling segment for the sheltered transmission of radiofrequency vitality. 

This enables it to cool the epidermis and forestall surface harm while as yet causing the disturbance of fat cells. 

The cooling element of Exilis makes it alright for use upon any piece of the body that necessities skin fixing or body molding, including the face. 

The Exilis treatment is sans torment and enables patients to come back to their every day exercises instantly following treatment. 

Dr Rita Rakus, who offers the treatment at her Knightsbridge facility, told MailOnline: 'We are seeing an expansion in patients needing athletic bums that look extremely conditioned and liven, the Kardashian bum is "out", it's currently about lifting and chiseling. 

'There are numerous components that can make fat settle around the base region including hormones and age, and regularly ladies consume fat diversely and lower-fat specifically can be trickier to move. 

'Ladies need to look great and feel certain about themselves without giving individuals access to the mystery that they have had a method. 

'They may likewise not have any desire to uncover their frailty to everybody they know, and rather keep this private.' 


The vampire bosom lift is like the vampire facial, the counter maturing strategy made popular by Kim Kardashian's selfie in 2013. 

The main genuine contrast is that the vampire bosom lift as far as anyone knows inverts the indications of maturing on your boobs, as opposed to your face. 

Like the facial, the system is non-surgical, including two hour long sessions which will set you back around £1,100 altogether. 

What's more, instead of abandoning you in desolation for quite a long time, similar to corrective surgery, you can stroll in to the facility for a vampire methodology and walk ideal retreat once more, with less agonizing reactions. 

In the event that you full for the boob-lifting strategy, specialists will begin by utilizing a needle to draw blood from your arm, vampire style. 

At that point, they'll bung your blood in a quick turning axis to isolate the reasonable hued plasma from whatever remains of it. 

The protein-rich plasma will then be flown again into your body, this time through an infusion in your bosoms. 

With your blood appropriately re-jigged, your bosoms ought to have a more full look, without going under the blade. 

Dr Shirin Lakhani, from Elite Esthetics in Kent, told MailOnline: 'PRP isn't another treatment. It's been utilized as a part of pharmaceutical for a considerable length of time. 

'Platelets are the mending factor in blood. When you cut yourself, yellow goo that structures is PRP. By infusing PRP into the bosom tissue, or other tissue besides, we can trap the body into suspecting that there has been damage, influencing the body to recuperate itself by growing new collagen, veins, nerves and fat. 

'This outcomes in revival of the skin and recovery of greasy tissue that has been lost through bosom sustaining, weight reduction and maturing. 

'There is a moment change, however this is because of the volume infused. The genuine outcome creates over the coming a few months and keeps going around maybe a couple years. 

'The Vampire Breast Lift isn't a substitution for surgery in those looking for a sensational increment in cup measure, these ladies would be ideally serviced by bosom inserts. 

'It is flawless in those looking for revival of the appearance and state of their cleavage, ladies with diminished areola sensation or those with altered areolas.' 


Labiaplasty diminishes the measure of the labia minora – the folds of skin either side of the vaginal opening. 

Vaginoplasty is intended to diminish the measure of the real vagina (as in the vaginal opening) for the most part to make it more tightly. 

The techniques can be completed with either a neighborhood or general analgesic and can take around two hours, with a few patients having the capacity to go home around the same time. 

On the off chance that you don't extravagant going under the blade there is the choice of a non-surgical vagina facelift. 

Ultra Femme 360 expenses £1,200 and has been charged as a 'lunch hour' reply to incontinence and reluctance endured by 66% of ladies around the world. 

Harley Street specialists backing the 'extraordinary' gadget said it was not in regards to making a porn star-like vagina. 

The Ultra Femme 360 gadget works by embeddings the expendable tip through the vaginal waterway. 

The tip at that point moves close by the entire length of the vaginal trench towards the cervix and back towards the opening. 

The objective is to raise temperature more than 40°C in the objective tissue to advance the development of new collagen - which gradually diminishes with age. 

Dr Tracey Sims, medicinal executive of Intimate You, told MailOnline: 'As familiarity with the new advances builds, ladies are currently progressively trying to enhance their close prosperity. 

'Indications of vaginal laxity and vulval changes can antagonistically influence ladies' understanding of closeness and fearlessness. 

'Over late months enquiries to my center about non-intrusive vaginoplasty and labiaplasty have dramatically multiplied. 

'The treatment, which takes just eight minutes, is sheltered and compelling and is effortlessly conveyed in the facility setting. 

'It can be custom-made to the requirements of every individual lady, there is no downtime subsequently and ladies can promptly proceed with their typical exercises. 

'The outcomes are clear rapidly, which patients extremely like, however then change proceeds for a little while as the fibroblasts are actuated to make more collagen.'